his ensemble: a three-piece look

Blazer, Waistcoat, Tie, Pocket Square, Brogues
Every now and then I have this urge to wear a three-piece suit, even if I’m just running around town completing errands. But then common sense kicks in and I opt for something a bit more practical, my off-duty uniform comprising of dark Grim Tim Nudies, a grey sweater and New Balance 574 sneakers. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so forthcoming in dismissing my initial instinct. There is a way of working a waistcoat and blazer in a casual manner.

An example of this is pictured in today’s post. He’s managed to pull off a three-piece look with out looking too overdressed. As I have mentioned in previous posts, the best way to dress down a blazer and waistcoat is to wear it with slim fit dark denim. Ensure the perfect fit, the waistcoat must sit close to your body; the blazer should hug your shoulders, come in slightly at the waist and finish just below your pant pockets. His paisley tie and pocket square are points of interest that add sharpness to his outfit. Lastly the shoes, the all important element that anchors your look. His brown brogues are the perfect choice to complement this polished and well thought out ensemble.

Get this look:

Blazer, Waistcoat, Denim, Brogues, Pocket Square, Tie, Shirt

a. Scott B Relaxed Patch Pocket Blazer Dark Sage, $184, reiss.com
b. Premium Teal Suit Jacket, £120, topman.com
c. Premium Green and Navy Heritage Fit Suit Jacket, £120, topman.com

d. Slim Stretch Shirt, $79.95, countryroad.com.au
e. Yield Slim Jean, $148.92, G Star, asos.com
f. Grey Herringbone Fleck Waistcoat, £36, topman.com

g. Stanley Leather Wingtip Brogues, $310, Grenson, mrporter.com
h. Dog-Print Wool Tie, $145, Drake’s, mrporter.com
i. Paisley Silk Pocket Square, $69, Drake’s, mrporter.com

Note: Prices correct at time of posting

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