her ensemble: cape jacket

Cape, Jacket, Black, Shift dress, Pumps, Prada tote, Gloves
Sift through any women’s magazine or lookbook and you’ll notice one thing about how the models are wearing their coats, they aren’t. They’re placed nonchalantly on their shoulders acting like a pseudo cape/jacket. This trend was started by magazine editors and stylists a few years ago and has now gone main stream, as confirmed by the street style blogs.  The overall effect is elegantly chic but should come with a warning; it restricts your arms from any movement. Try using your phone or hailing a cab, you’ll run the risk of dropping your coat in the gutter, leaving you with an expensive dry cleaning bill.

Enter the cape coat, the jacket with caped sleeves. When worn, it actually serves its purpose, keeping you warm and leaving you with fully functioning arms. The subject of today’s post shows us how to work this combination coat. As capes tend to give you more volume up top, keep the bottom streamlined to give you a clean line, balancing out the bulkiness of the jacket. Her all black ensemble is a perfect example of what Melbournians do best, black on black!

Cape, Jacket, Black, Shift dress, Prada tote, Pumps, Gloves

Get this look:

Cape, Jacket, Black, Shift dress, Pumps, Prada tote, Gloves

a. Cape, $248, Route des Garden, yoox.com
b. Cape, $225, Hanita, yoox.com
c. Cape, $448, PF Paola Frani, yoox.com
d. Cape, $158, Guess, yoox.com
e. Susie Cape Coat, $129.99, forevernew.com.au
f. Cape, $298, maxstudio.com

g. Ponte Tuck Dress, $149, countryroad.com.au
h. Basic Leather Gloves, $49.95, Dents, myer.com.au
i. Zevida Pump, $115.53, Joan & David, nordstrom.com
j. Daino Medium Shoulder Tote Bag, $1719.40, Prada, neimanmarcus.com

Note: Prices correct at time of posting

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