his ensemble: denim jacket

Denim Jacket, light wash denim, slim fit chinos, canvas sneakers, hooded top, your ensemble, yourensemble, yourensemble.com

Fashion is a constant revolving door of incoming and outgoing trends. With each new season comes a re-worked version of a past look. It’s for this reason you should always archive your favourite well-tailored pieces. You never know when you might want to revive them. I experienced this with a denim jacket that I’ve held onto since the 90s. I brought it out of hibernation two years ago and I haven’t looked back since. The jacket is now back in high rotation, enjoying life on its second wind. The feeling of rediscovering pieces from your wardrobe is not only exciting, but also a welcome relief to your wallet! With our society’s obsession with throwaway fashion, it’s refreshing to be able to recycle pre-loved pieces from your past.

Universally accepted as a wardrobe staple, the denim jacket is versatile enough to be worked into any look. Layer it with a heavier jacket for a cool weather look or pair it with a button down shirt and shorts for a casual warm weather option. Asides from its practically, the denim jacket is a masculine and durable option, perfect during transitional seasons. The gentleman featured in today’s post, a male model that I met in Brisbane during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, demonstrates the jacket’s inherent casualness. His light wash denim jacket blends in seamlessly with his slim fit chinos, hooded top and canvas sneakers; a fitting ensemble for off-duty models.

Get this look:

Denim Jacket, light wash denim, slim fit chinos, canvas sneakers, hooded top, your ensemble, yourensemble, yourensemble.com

a. Denim Jacket C Regular Trucker, $175.60, Levis, asos.com
b. Denim Jacket, $258.78, Denim Supply by Ralph Lauren, asos.com
c. Denim Jacket, $110.90, Cheap Monday, asos.com
d. Denim Jacket Rider Slim Fit Ice Blue, $166.36, Lee, asos.com

e. Tactic Hooded Tee, $35.97, Analog, surfstitch.com
f. Hooded Cotton Jersey Tee, $168.72, Vince, saksfifthavenue.com
g. Hooded Long Sleeve Top, $101.66, Polo Ralph Lauren, asos.com
h. Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt, £44, Hugo Boss Black, triads.co.uk

i. Slim Chino, $42.51, asos.com
j. Pipe Chinos, $35.97, Everloom Pipe Chinos, theiconic.com.au
k. Skinny Fit Chino, $168.20, Kulte, asos.com
l. Slim Bedford Pants, $277.26, Levis Vintage Clothing, asos.com

m. Low-Top Sneaker, $65, Converse, urbanoutfitters.com
n. Camo Sneaker, $150, John Varvatos x Converse, urbanoutfitters.com
o. Low-Top Sneaker, $50, Converse, urbanoutfitters.com
p. Canvas Sneakers, $57, Converse, mrporter.com

Note: Prices correct at time of posting

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