his ensemble: double-breasted blazer

Double-breasted Blazer, Chinos, Pocket Square, Shirt, Derby, Brogues
There’s something inherently elegant about a double-breasted blazer. If you are concerned with the jacket’s formality, there are a few ways of dressing it down. In fact with any suit jacket, you can dress it up or down as you please. The easiest way to dress down a double-breasted blazer is to pair it with dark denim or slim fit chinos. The number of buttons on the jacket also affects the overall aesthetic. The four button blazer lends itself better to casual dressing. That’s not to say it won’t work with six buttons. And most importantly the fit, I keep banging on about fit when it comes to suiting. The fit of a double-breasted blazer will decide whether your look is modern day dapper or 80s Wall Street Banker. Keep the blazer close to your body, cinched at the waist and opt for shorter styles if you are vertically challenged.

When I saw the gentleman in today’s post, his double-breasted blazer immediately stood out from the crowd. The blazer fits him well and he has dressed it down smartly with slim fit chinos. I also love it when men go the extra mile and pay attention to details. The red pocket square pops, finishing off his outfit nicely.

Get this look:

Double-breasted Blazer, Chinos, Shirts, Derby, Brogues, Pocket Square, Socks, Dapper, Modern

a. Slim Fit Double Breasted Blazer, $96.36, asos.com
b. Slim Double-breasted Cotton-Gabardine Blazer, $558, AMI, mrporter.com
c. Broadgate Double Breasted Blazer, $127, reiss.com

d. Mini Check Shirt, $99.95, countryroad.com.au
e. Selvage Madras Shirt, $115, Gant Rugger, barneys.com

f. Cavalry Twill Pant, $99.95, countryroad.com.au
g. Polka-dot Silk Pocket Square, $74, Drake’s, mrporter.com
h. 3 Pack Socks with Aztec Embroidery, $14.02, asos.com

i. Contrast-Sole Suede Derby Shoes, $306, Mark McNairy, mrporter.com
j. Perforated Wingtip Blucher, $210, Barneys New York Co-op, barneys.com

Note: Prices correct at time of posting

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