their ensemble: a pastel pair, nyc

There’s something to be said about couples who coordinate their outfits. It can either go too corny, contrived or strangely disturbing. How can we not forget the matching denim ensemble worn by JT and Britney back in the 2001 American Music Awards, an absolute train wreck! If done right, coordinated outfits can look cohesive and complementary. With the right pieces, it can all be in perfect harmony.

The couple pictured above, who I met on Bleecker St in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, are a great example of a coordinated pair. Their pastel jeans complement each other nicely and I love how they opted for a dark neutral colour to wear on top. Head to toe pastel can be tricky, you’re in danger of looking like a box of candy.

Get this look:
a. Boyfriend T-shirt, $84.10, LnA,
b. The Looker cropped low-rise skinny jeans, £65, Mother,
c. Bowery Hobo, $184.18,
d. Athena Buckle Sandals, $37, Qupid,

e. Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Track Shirt, $22,
f. RB7 Chino, $79, Rag & Bone,
g. Desert Boots in Suede, $70.08,

Note: Prices correct at time of posting

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