her ensemble: metallic mesh

How do you wear mesh without looking like you’re hanging onto remnants of 80s nostalgia or worse, working the streets on some unsavoury, poorly lit corner? Jess Dempsey, the fashion force behind the style blog ‘What Would Karl Do’ shows us how. The key is choosing the right fabric, weave size and texture for the occasion. Smaller hole sizes, which comes in the form of micro-mesh tends to work better for night. Where as the more open, looser weaves lends itself better for casual day or weekend engagements.

What I love about Jess’ outfit choices, is that she’s ramped it up by layering a metallic gold mesh skirt over a black and white grid pencil skirt. In addition, the fur trimmed ankle strap heels and gold studded cap adds a hint of ghetto fabulousness. If you’re not quite ready to embrace this trend, you can always work mesh into your shoes or details in your top.

Get this look:

a. Zip Shoulder Long Sleeve Tee, $59.95, witchery.com.au
b. Lace Pencil Skirt, $66.75, Calvin Klein, lordandtaylor.com
c. Black laser cut open toe heeled ankle boots, £75, riverisland.com

d. Alex Black Monaco, $149.95, tonybianco.com.au
e. Shade Lantern & Mesh Skirt, $47.64, Aqua, asos.com
f. Top with Open Back in Stripe Print, $60.17, asos.com

g. Polka Dot Long Sleeve Top, £27.99, Mango, johnlewis.com
h. Metallic Pencil Skirt, $199. countryroad.com.au
i. Gamma Open-Toe Mesh Bootie, $275, bcbg.com

j. Cypr Leather Stud Cap In Black, $18.14, missguidedau.com
k. Mariaah Black All Over Stud Cap, $24.75, missguidedau.com
l. Simone Studded Cap With Metal Flap In Gold, $33, missguidedau.com

Note: Prices correct at time of posting

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