his ensemble: varsity jacket

Not just for the collegiate, varsity jackets have come a long way in the sartorial stakes since Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy sported the look back in the 80s. Traditionally worn by high school and college students in the States, the jacket symbolises the pride earned from athletic or academic achievements. A close cousin of the bomber jacket, the varsity jacket makes a great sporty alternative, no athletic effort needed!


Get this look:
a. Storm System Cotton Bomber Jacket, £337.50, Mackintosh, mrporter.com
b. Alopex Jacket, $160, BIVCK SCVLE, drjays.com
c. Green Stone Varsity Bomber, £60, topman.com
d. Grey Blue Suede Tipped Bomber, £130, topman.com

Note: Prices correct at time of posting

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