her ensemble: floral denim

floral pants, denim, yourensemble, yourensemble.com
Floral has been strong trend for the past two seasons, here’s an example that caught my eye amongst a sea of Melbournian black. With her sleeveless denim shirt and pink heels, this look still feels fresh, even if spring is another hemisphere away.

Get this look:
a. Blouse with Folded Collar, $28.74, asos.com
b. Soft Floral Print Pants, $49.27, asos.com
c. Alamo Heels, $179.95, tonybianco.com.au
d. Peter Pan Collar Sleeveless Denim Shirt, £14.99, newlook.com
e. Gold Floral Denim, $99.95, Shilla, theiconic.com.au
f. Fravel Suede Pumps, $45, aldoshoes.com

Note: Prices correct at time of posting

(Post submitted to IFB Project #93)


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  1. Those floral pants are absolutely stunning! I love it with the chambray top and pink heels!

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